World of Tanks Cliff Map Replay and Commentary 3 losses 15 kills Edit

A great win by happenstance on the map cliff. The battle demonstrates the key attack points of the map and a very well done execution of double enveloping the enemy via a 3 way flank.


World of Tanks M4 Easy Eight vs TigerEdit

116th Panzer Division Windhund clan member engaging enemy tiger demonstrating the Easy Eight's strengths of mobility, rapid fire, and quick traverse rate.


World of Tanks BT2 Russian Tank taking out artilleryEdit

BT2 Tank catured by The 116th Panzer Division Windhund and used to drive back the Yankees and Bolsheviks ;-) Demonstration of BT2 Speed and strengths and weaknesses.


World of Tanks Render VideosEdit

Video showing World of Tanks Renders with quotes from famous military and political leaders.


Company Battle in World of TanksEdit

First day of patch release allowing the company battles. Company battle shows the smart use of artillery versus an opponent who decided not to bring theirs to the battlefield. Map Sand River.

The video is shown from the perspective from The 116th Panzer Division. We are using this video as a benchmark to improve our gameplay at the company level, which is improving rapidly every week in the areas of communication, coordination, and proper composition of the company.