Basic TrainingEdit

Completion of the clans basic training is required for all members who wish to become active in this game. The exact requirements are outlined here. This is different from the Basic Training classes, which are tought on teamspeak, although these do count towards the number of events (currently two) you are required to attend before being promoted to Obergrenadier and contain a lot of helpful advice.

Please note, that the basic training is similar in all games, and focusses on teamplay and integrating yourself within the clan.

Training VideosEdit

Please check out our excellent training videos here or visit our youtube channel!

Advanced Tactical CenterEdit

This is the tool we use to prepare strategies in World of Tanks. You should have this installed, as we often use it during training sessions. You can download the programme from the official website here. All the details about servers and map packs are summarised on our forum and on this wiki:

Advanced Tactical Center

Advanced Tactical Center forum thread


Below is a list of articles that you may find useful as a member of the 116th Panzer Division.

TeamSpeak Contains everything you need to know about the way we use Teamspeak3.

Whispers How to set up whispers in teamspeak, which are very useful for large scale battles.

Phonetic Alphabet Explains the Phonetic Alphabet, which makes communication easier.

Game MechanicsEdit

These articles will explain some of the underlying mechanics of World of Tanks, such as the matchmaking system.

The following should be considered ESSENTIAL reading for all WoT players. It is a very comprehensive overview of the game mechanics found here on the official wiki:

official WoT wiki game mechanics discussion

World of Tanks Secrets, an explanation of the matchmaking system: here

Explanation of the stealth values of different tanks, and the critical angles for bouncing: forum post

Common BugsEdit

A guide to fixing the memory bug on 64 bit operating systems (e.g. Windows7) is found here

If you are experiencing problems with a significant frame rate drop when zooming in and are running an ATI/AMD graphics card, then this fix should help you: link to official forum