T1 Cunningham


Historical InfoEdit

The development of prototypes was carried out from 1922 through 1928. This tank was never mass produced, nor was it ever fielded. See pictures of the series of prototypes [here].


Canadian medium tank with strong frontal armour for its tier and good maneuverability. In combination with its 6-pounder cannon it is ideal for flank attacks.


Hit Points 110 HP
Weight/Load limit 7.21/7.6 t
Price 0 credits
  1. Commander (Radio Operator, Gunner, Loader)
  2. Driver
Engine power 110 h.p.
Speed limit 41 km/h
Traverse speed 34 deg/sec
Turret traverse speed 45 deg/sec
Hull armor (mm) Front 10
Sides 10
Rear 10
Turret armor (mm) Front 10
Sides 10
Rear 10
Gun 37 mm Gun M1916
Ammunition 90 items
Damage 23-38 HP
Penetration 24-40 mm
Rate of fire 30 rounds/min
View range 270 m
Signal range 100 m


Tier Gun Damage(HP) Penetration(mm) Rate of fire(rounds/min) Price(Credits)
I 37 mm Gun M1916 (standard) 30/30/36 32/49/19 30 1,000
I 37 mm Semiautomatic Gun M1924 30/30/36 34/53/19 31.58 1,900
II 37 mm Browning Semiautomatic Gun 30/30/36 40/63/19 33.33 2,200
Tier Turret Armor(mm) Traverse(deg/sec) View range(m) Price(Credits)
I Cunningham D1 (standard) 10/10/10 45 270 120
II Cunningham D2 10/10/10 40 320 300
Tier Engine Power(h.p.) Chance of fire(%) Price(Credits)
I Cunningham V-type (standard) 110 20 300
II Cunningham V8 132 20 1,100
Tier Suspension Load limit(t) Traverse speed(deg/sec) Price(Credits)
I Cunningham E1 (standard) 7.6 34 240
II Cunningham E2 8.3 38 500
Tier Radio Signal range(m) Price(Credits)
I Signal Flags (standard) 100 0
II SCR 200

Sources: World of Tanks Tankopedia, World of Tanks Wiki.Edit

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