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T-44 Medium Tank wasn’t in large-scale producing like the T-26 or so widespread in use like the T-34, also it wasn’t the main battle tank for the post-war period like the T-54 and T-55, but it took a worthy place in the history of Soviet tank development.

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The T-44 covers the mid ground between the German V Panther and the American T20 when it comes to speed, armour and damage dealt. What it does excel at is turn ratio for both turret and hull. Combined with slightly less accurate guns with longer aiming time makes this an excelent close in fighter when driven with upgraded tracks and engine. The drawback of close in slugging of course also means you but yourself in harms way and it's Tier 8 class puts it up against some pretty stiff opposition. Used wisely though it will be a good medium scout/support with excelent mobility and ability to swing its sights around.


100mm D10T (better damage/minute and rof then the 122mm option)

Side noteEdit

The T-44 while great in it's own right is the stepping stone to the sought after T-54.