T28 parola 1

T-28, one of three surviving models, this one at the Finnish Tank Museum in Parola.


The Soviet T-28 was among the world's first medium tanks. The prototype was completed in 1931 and production began in late 1932. It was an infantry-support tank intended to break through fortified defences. The T-28 was designed to complement the heavier T-35, with which it shared many components. The type would not have that much success in combat, but it played an important role as a development project for the Soviet designers. A series of new ideas and solutions were tried out on the T-28 and were later incorporated in future models.


Look up paper tank in the dictionary and its a picture of the T-28. The only redeeming element of the tank is its 85mm gun which should be used at a distance.


Too big and slow for a scout role, the T28 is miscast in World of Tanks and would be much more effective if infantry were running around. Save your free experience and skip this tank and go right for the KV.

Side NoteEdit

The tank was released in the early 1930's when the USSR and the World was still trying to figure out just what a tank should be. The tank uses some elements from World War I tanks (Lots of MG's and a secondary cannon) and tries to incorporate a few ideas that would shape the succesful tanks of World War II, i.e., Anti Aircraft Machingun and Radios.

The tanks is comparable to the Pz. IV however, the Pz IV's layout is much more adaptable for modification whereas the T-28 did not lend itself well to upgrades. The engine, suspension, and transmission can all be chalked up to a learning experience for the engineers at the Kirov factory in Leningrad.

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T-28. Notice the "Three Heads of Stalin" Turrets.

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T-28 "Tank"

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Back deck of the T-28