M26 Pershing at Fort Knox


Late during WWII, it became evident the M4 ‘Sherman’ with its 75mm and 76mm guns were lacking both the armor and the armament to take on the German ‘Panther’ and ‘Tiger’ tanks.

In 1944, tanks with 90mm and 105mm guns were requested, with 90mm versions the more numerous. The M26 offered firepower and armor capable of taking on the ‘Panther’ and ‘Tiger’ tanks one-on-one, instead of the “by committee” approach then used by tankers in Shermans.


The top end 105mm Gun is accurate and packs a strong punch, acceleration and speed are more than adequate. The armor is good but not impenatrable, excellent in the medium to long range role operating from cover in the early game.


To mix it up fill up the 105mm with gold rounds and go play a random map. The results will surely put a smile on your face and bring a great deal of surprise to a T-54 driver coming at you head on.

Side NoteEdit

The Pershing is a phenomenal tank in capable hands. World of Tank's statistics show this tank is often the highest ranking in terms of statistics. Its the player not the tank that makes the difference in the end.

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M26 Pershing with 105mm Gun

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M26 Pershing Profile

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M26 Pershing Back Deck