• Waffenator

    The 116th Panzer Division is a phenomenal group of wargamers from around the world.

    Our motto is:

    To reach our full potential as wargamers via teamwork and training.

    We are currently deployed in the following Wargames:

    • World of Tanks EU and US server.
    • IL2 Cliffs of Dover
    • Shogun 2
    • Company of Heroes
    • In Q3, 2011 we will be adding Red Orchestra II upon its release.

    We are always looking for mature and friendly members to join our ranks.

    Prospective members are welcome to apply here or,

    Come and meet us on our Teamspeak 3 Server


    Port 4143

    Password is stug (lowercase)

    Finally, we are elite but not elitist, meaning we recognize that a wargamers disposition may change from time to time from recreational to competitive. We cater to both typ…

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