The study guide activities and final exam must be completed within your first 30 days of membership. Basic Training gets new members on the same page as established members. It is the longest and most difficult course you will ever take in the clan.

Basic Training Course I Part I - Rules and Organizing
The course is a video located on our youtube channel at the link below

Leave of Absence Reporting Thread

Additional Rules

World of Tanks Axioms

Basic Training Course I Part II - Communications and Advancement
The course is a video located on our youtube channel at the link below
Teamspeak Details
Address = Port = 4143
Pass = ****
Name = Name -- Use the name you registered on the forums under.

116th YouTube Chanel
Ranks In the Clan
Ranks and Roles Clarified
Clan Handbooks

Basic Training Course I Part III - Teamwork and Training
You Tube Video
NOTE: About 3/5th's of the way through the video is a place to pause to study Key Concepts For Teamwork and Training, which are available at the following presentation by J. Addams and Associates.

NOTE: Some slides have animation so press forward a few times.... also its much better to watch in full screen mode.
Human Nature – Slide 9
Genghis Khan and The Mongols- Slides 17 to 21
World War I – Slides 28 to 30
OODA (Observe, Orient, Decide Act) Loops – Slides 31, 45-46, 56
Blitzkrieg – Slides 32-33, 35
Blitz Operating Philosophy – Slide 48
Categories of Conflict, Attrition Warfare and Maneuver Warfare – Slides 36-43
High Tempo vs. High Speed. Slide 40.
Fingerspitzengefühl Slides 47
Mind-Time-Space Scheme. Slide 49
Schwerpunkt. Slide 50
Auftragstaktik. Slide 51-54

The FESA Climate ( Fingerspitzengefühl, Einheit, Schwerpunkt, Auftrag). Slide 55
If you need additional clarification on the above concepts additional links are located below. The following links are optional and only there as an additional training aid if needed.



Generations of Warfare []




Basic Training Course I. Part IV - Structure of The Clan
Please read the Chain of Command Thread located here.

Basic Training Course II - World of Tanks

World of Tanks Initial Orientation Part I of II hosted by Draka.
(Only required if you are new to the game)

Basic Training Course II. World of Tanks Initial Orientation Part II of II hosted by Draka
(Only required if you are new to the game)

Basic Training Course II. Part III
Tactical Movement and Maneuvering Intro

After completing all of the above you are now finished with Basic Training. You are now eligible to apply for Obergrenadier and take the exam located in the application, located here,
Good Luck on The Exam!

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